What makes Ecoimprint better? Part 1: Customer Service.

What makes Ecoimprint better? Part 1: Customer Service.

Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Blog

We know that there are lots of other promotional product companies out there! Infact we probably have a million competitors here in the USA alone. So what makes us the fastest growing promotional products company in DFW? We think there are several reasons, Today we cover part 1 and most important, CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

customer service graphicOur customer service is hands on and hands down one of the best in the industry.  We stop at nothing to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their products. Here’s a little insider information that may help you understand why our customer service is well, AWESOME.  We offer items from only the suppliers that we trust, this ensures that the product quality is up to our standards (and yours). Our industry has an inside rating system that is updated by us and all our fellow competitors. This system creates a rating for the supplier, its starts at F (which obviously is bad) and goes up to A (which is obviously good). If a supplier has anything below an A rating we hesitate to use them, if a supplier has below a B rating we move on to the next supplier.  You see  to us it is not even worth the risk of dealing with a risky supplier to provide a good product to a client.  …

But it doesn’t stop there, time after time our clients have a last minute event that they need promotional products for. They call us in a panic that they need stuff by next week or even the same week! Fortunately we are the masterminds in making what seems impossible, possible in a rush situation. 95% of the time we make it happen without rush fees and without those budget busting expedited shipping rates!  For example we had a client call and order 8000 t-shirts. (That’s right 8000) they needed the shirts in two days. Did we deliver? YES we did:) We pulled all 8000 shirts from our local supplier warehouses, had the shirts taken to our local printer and had all of them delivered in 2 business days! (that’s the very short version of the story if you want the more detailed and exciting version call Breezie, she’s still excited about that one;)) Also we have such established relationships with our suppliers that lots of times they do for us what they don’t do for others, turn products out the next day, which is almost unheard of unless you just so happen to be able to comply with the 100 stipulations of the 24 hour service offered! We don’t have those stipulations we have solutions.

When you call Ecoimprint you are sure to find a friendly voice on the other side of the phone.  That’s what you get when you talk to people who love what they do! We promise that when you get off the phone with us you are going to feel good about the company you chose to do business with. That’s because we care about our clients.   You see we get excited about every order that comes our way big or small we make sure that your order is treated like gold.

At Ecoimprint we you get big company benefits with a family business feel.

If that wasn’t enough let me break it back down in list form. (OCD I know haha) The reasons our customer service rocks:


* Fast

* Free art design

* Reliable

* Friendly

* Experienced

* We care about our clients!