Solutions for Government Agencies

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Solutions for Government Agencies

Ecoimprint is one of the top government supplier of promotional products for Federal, State, and Local government agencies including Universities and Public Schools. We have a wide variety of customers ranging from federal government agencies that span the entire United States to city government agencies. No matter how big or small your agency is, we have experience across the spectrum of government agencies with promotional product solutions customized for each level of government.


We make it easy for Government Buyers!

The staff of Ecoimprint is committed to serving you. We take pleasure in helping purchasing managers, buyers, purchasing agents and other governmental entities whether Federal, State, County, Municipal, Authorities, or School Districts to purchase promotional products easily. Since our beginning in 2000, we have been happily serving government buyers and we understand the purchase cycles and processes associated with most government agencies.

If you are a purchasing manager, buyer, purchasing agent or other governmental office looking for promotional products, we can help you get these items. We understand the procedure to issue a purchase order sometimes may be submitted last minute and require quick processing to meet your deadlines.

For immediate and special attention, please contact our customer service team today and request to speak with a government specialist agent. We will guide you in the process to order promotional products as soon as possible. For your convenience, we have added to our normal payment options for commercial customers the following two purchasing options: Government Purchase Card and Purchase Orders.


Government Purchase Card

Oftentimes, government purchase cards are either a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card. If that is the case, you can use the government purchase card number when you are prompted for the billing information in the website. You may also use your Government Purchase Card to pay when you order by fax.


Government Purchase Order

If you are a buyer and want to purchase promotional products for your office or agency, we can accept Government Purchase Orders. Please note our billing terms for purchase orders is Net 30 days, and some additional information may be required prior to start processing your order. We recommend you to contact our government specialized customer service team to provide details about information required and procedure to place your order.


Need a Bid? No Problem, We Bid to Win!

We have worked with a large variety of government agencies over the years and are very experienced with submitting bids for promotional products. We are very comfortable with the bidding process and we aim to submit winning bids. If you need us to submit a bid, please call our office at 817-737-2236 or use this form to contact our Customer Care Team.

Sample of our many government customers:

  • City of Dallas
  • City of Fort Worth
  • City of Arlington
  • Alamo Area Council of Governments


If you have any other questions regarding purchasing from us, please call our office at 817-737-2236 or use this form to contact our Customer Care Team.

Ecoimprint is committed to serve all your promotional needs.We are one of the top supplier of promotional products for government buyers.

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